SEO or web positioning is a concept in Digital Marketing that was born in the 90s with the emergence of Google in the online landscape. Web positioning is the tendency of brands to appear in the top positions of Google’s ranking of results for certain organic searches.

This post about SEO for Beginners, is aimed at those who are starting in this world and wonder what is web positioning, what are the techniques to position, or what are the best online SEO tools necessary to get a good position in the results search

It happens that when we start in the world of online marketing many times we do not know what SEO is, let alone how to apply it to our website.

Next I’m going to give you an adjusted definition of what SEO is ..

What is SEO?¿What is SEO?

SEO is the set of actions that we use to achieve a website position in the first positions for an organic search made in Google through certain actions that we will explain below, in this way we get to be the best option to a specific search made by a user.

So the question you will ask is, How to put my web page in the top positions of Google for certain searches ?. Not to liarte I will be direct .. For Google to keep you in certain searches the first thing you have to understand is that the Google search gives priority to the user and meet their needs above everything else. Knowing this, you will understand that you will always try to give the best answer, with the highest quality and relevance to the questions that users ask you.

So without going into many details I’ll tell you that you should be that quality, authority and relevance option that Google expects to find for a certain search.

But first, let’s answer a question that you are surely asking yourself …

SEO Google How to put my web page in Google?

Now I want you to understand how Google works when it comes to crawling a website to index your content and that it appears in the search results, before even starting to position it.

In my opinion it is important that you understand before entering into SEO actions exclusively since it is the beginning of any type of action to improve your web positioning.

Google crawls the web at all times to find new and relevant content that can satisfy our searches and thus be able to position it in its index (action known as indexing).

How does Google work when it comes to indexing content in the search engine ?, through bots or spiders …

SEO Guide What are Google bots?

Google search bots , commonly known as spiders or Googlebots , are Google tracking programs that are responsible for tracking the network and identify the elements of the web to create a database with that information. This is important to index in the Google search engine to which we give permission to access those pages of our website that we want.

By letting the robots track your site, you are allowing Google to want to be in the search results for your website to be indexed.

There are several ways to order these spiders not to access some elements of the web through files known as robots.txt .

TXT Robots

This is a text file with a .txt extension, which, well placed in the root of a site, allows you to communicate to bots that they should not track that entry or page of your web.

The bots of Google when they arrive at a web page the first thing they do is look for the robots.txt file and depending on what they put they continue to crawl your website or they go to another one.

This file that we put in the root of the domain, what it gets is to give suggestions to the bots so that they do not track a web page, and that is why we can use them in our favor and avoid that certain pages that are not relevant in our web, they are not tracked and therefore are not indexed.

To know more about this topic, I leave you the link to discover the best blog of organic positioning or SEO.

SEO audit

An SEO audit is a preliminary analysis of all the characteristics of a website, its environment on the Internet and the competence of a sector , to make a list of things that you can improve and then apply them to the project.

It is important that you understand that SEO is a set of very specific actions that are never the same depending on the type of web of the environment that you manage or the competition that you have to deal with in the network. It includes among other sections, a study of keywords for which to position ourselves , study of the applicable linkbuilding study and analysis of the competition of the sector to which we devote analysis of the web structure of penalties by Google and so on.

This analysis allows us to view the problems to be repaired as well as the SEO optimizations to be performed in order to start acting. The actions that we are going to carry out are divided into two large sections that we are going to see next, we are going to differentiate between SEO on page and SEO off page ..

It is necessary to make clear what actions represent SEO on page and what actions to SEO off page . It is possible that it is quite obvious, even so it is necessary to say that these two sections differentiate many actions that we are going to take.

As a definition of SEO on page, we will say that it is a term that we use to refer to all the improvements we can make within our website to improve search rankings.

These are internal optimizations of our website to improve several factors among which are the web architecture, the contents, the optimization of the images, the loading speed of our website, correct broken links, take care of the H1 H2 of your content, the linked internal etc …

Let’s move on to comment below on one of the actions onpage that you can make implement on your website to benefit the organic positioning …

Increase the user’s stay time

When we talk about SEO, in part we are talking about user experience and their behavior on the web.

Google takes into account aspects of user behavior such as time spent. If you navigate between the different pages, scroll in entries and pages, low bounce rate, etc., are elements that positively affect the time a user stays on your website.

Google gives importance to these dimensions to assess the quality of a website, the greater the interaction with the web and the longer the time spent in it, its quality will be valued positively by Google.

These are characteristics of the SEO on page , which, if you optimize correctly, you can increase the user experience and in parallel, your time of permanence.

Take care of the Content

Regardless of all Seo techniques for web positioning, if you do not have authentic, fresh, up-to-date content that contributes real value, everything else will not do much to you , since the actions of the user within your web are the most relevant. currently for Google, and the trend is growing.

A user would have a more interactive behavior with your website the more value you offer, and this starts with the content you offer, be it the format, post, guides, podcast, videos, etc. The important thing is that you feel obliged to stay as long as possible on your website, and for that you should not only care for the content, it is also advisable to take care of usability …

Web Usability

This concept refers to the relationship that exists between the structure of a website and the browsing experience of users in it . The more intuitive the design of a website for a user, the greater its usability.

Taking care of the design of a website to offer an optimal browsing experience to the user, we will get more time to stay on our website, as well as a navigation between pages that will not go unnoticed by Google. It is another very important onpage factor to consider. When you have a website, design it to improve the navigation of those who visit it.

Responsive web

Increasingly Google tends to give importance to mobile devices because the use given by users there is a growing trend the use of mobile devices is why Google at SEO level begins to give importance to the responsiveness of the webs current

A responsive website is a website that adapts to different screen sizes depending on the device (mobile, Smartphone, Tablet).

Currently, most of the premium templates for web design are responsive and adapt automatically to different types of devices.

The SEO off page is the set of actions that we do outside, externally to our website but that affects its positioning. Examples:

Linkbuilding strategies
Guest Blogging (write in other blogs of the same theme as your website as a guest)
Comments on Forums, on other blogs …
Register in directories.
Traffic capture techniques (social networks, news aggregators …).

In the next point, we are going to address an essential issue to work on SEO by addressing Keywords or keywords related to your sector, I am talking about ….

Keywords Research on GoogleKeywords Research or Keyword Analysis

Do you know that when a user does a Google search, they usually click and access the search results of the first page of results? It goes without saying that they do not usually access the results from the second page. Knowing this, do you want your website to appear on the second page of Google results, or do you prefer to be one of the first three ?, or better yet, do not you prefer that your website be the first one in the search results for certain keywords? .

The keyword research and keyword analysis for SEO allows you to analyze which keywords have more search volume in a month by users and if they have much or little competition to find are opportunities for positioning in Google.

Keep in mind that within your sector there are many words and groups of words (long tail), which users use to perform searches well through SEO analysis tools, we can discover those words by which users can find in Google and try to use them to our advantage to get appear in the first search results.

Later I will teach you to do an effective keyword search, while it is advisable that you take a look at some of these SEO tools to make a good analysis of keywords ..

Do not you prefer that your website be the first in the search results for certain keywords?