In the present article we are going to establish a series of basic guidelines when working with the Seo positioning of a page from 0, since many times we start to build a site taking into account factors such as design and web usability , but it is quite common neglect aspects purely related to the positioning that can make long term that our page start much slower.

list_altTable of contents
  • SEO advice number 1: brand or keyword domain
  • SEO advice number 2: create search-oriented content
  • SEO advice number 3: controlled link building actions
  • SEO advice number 4: getting those links
  • SEO Advice number 5: Social SEO

SEO advice number 1: brand or keyword domain

One of the first things you must define is whether your website will be oriented to work more on the aspect of branding or the aspect of pure and hard search engine positioning. For example, for brands that aspire to be “serious” and lasting over time, it is important to give preference to branding domains.

  • Example of branding domain:,  InboundCycle

On the other hand, if the web you are going to develop is oriented to be a page to earn money directly (money site) in most cases it is better to opt for one of the two types of domains shown below:

  • Pure and Hard Keyword Domain (EMD):
  • Mixed keyword domain mixed with brand: PuroMarketing

The mixed domain shown responds very well, since it is a middle term between the exact keyword domain and a brand domain, so it enjoys a more natural in the eyes of Google. Choose a domain name or another depending on the objective planned for the web.

SEO advice number 2: create search-oriented content

This point is something that most bloggers and content creators often overlook. A very interesting advice to apply from the first day of content writing is to develop keyword searches oriented to real searches by the user. This is something that is ideal to learn to do naturally in each article and serves to make the posts much more “searchable” in the search engines.

To see the number of searches for a certain keyword we can use very simple tools such as the Adwords keyword planner. But a good practice added is the following: after obtaining keywords with searches within keyword planner analyzes the trend of growth with Google trends.

This way you can see if it really is worth writing about that term or not.

Another fundamental rule to take into account when assessing which content to select for writing is to make a superficial study of the competition for that word.

SEO advice number 3: controlled link building actions

Another of the most important guidelines to keep in mind is that according to the niche in which you move it will be easier, more difficult, or even impossible to start a web page if this phase of support is not supported with an initial linkbuilding. One of the most common mistakes in beginners is to follow some advice that has subsequently been shown not to help, for example it was very common to think that having downloaded Google products as for example, download Play Store with the same user with whom you had your blog it helped in the positioning, something totally wrong. That is why it is important to focus on effective techniques of truth, for example the highly reputed linkbuilding.

I’m going to put a couple of real examples of blogs that really exist:

1. Niche 1: Prehistoric animals. Search level: quite acceptable. Competition in the SERPS: null.

This is one of the micronicho blogs that I’ve tested recently with quite good results. Why? because essentially my blog has been positioned in the Top 5 of the first page without linkbuilding or massive content actions dse. You have just been validated by two factors: exact keyword domain for your keyword (EMD) + almost nonexistent competition for that particular keyword. This makes the blog is going to put in 3,000 visits per month without the slightest effort more than a couple of articles written.

2. Niche 2: Technology.  Search level: tremendously high. Competition in the SERPS: very high.

I know websites in this sector that give 6,000, 7,000 and 10,000 euros a month without messing up the least, but the problem is that they are very complicated pages to position. Following with the example that occupies us. My blog on this subject has several links of PA 50 and DA 40 of reference pages of the sector. It has links from universities and has an acceptable level of keywords ranked on Google. Do you get traffic? Rather little. It does not exceed 300 visits a day in general.

In the examples shown, we can clearly see that in example number 1 we do not need to carry out linkbuilding actions, since in addition to being a very static niche, if we go through too many unnatural actions, Google can see it too quickly and throw us the rankings from one day to the next. However, in example number 2, it is not only necessary, but it is essential to carry out elaborate linkbuilding actions.

You can see more link control actions that you should watch in this post . 

SEO advice number 4: getting those links

Once you have detected the real need to get links for your niche you must know the most basic sites from which to get the first support links. This is something that many people do not know and I think it is important to mention: at the time of launching your website it is essential to have a small cushion of natural links to get out as soon as possible from the Google Sandbox. But wait a moment … What do these terms mean?

  • Natural mattress of links . is configured by a set of links where the brand links (and never keyword) prevail and are obtained from sites such as forums, 2.0 platforms such as Discapnet or various local newspapers that allow you to create a blog on your website.
  • Sandbox . For Google it would be something like a kind of “limbo”, a site in no man’s land where your website floats when it is indexed by Google, but it is not yet ranked (you are very small … Google still does not trust you).

SEO Advice number 5: Social SEO

Another vital point to consider is the acquisition and purchase of social networks from which you will give the initial boost to your project within Google. Now is when many SEOs can take their hands to their heads and say “Do social networks position them?” and the answer (in my point of view) is yes, but indirectly. 

For example, if you see this article from my Technology blog. He has exceeded 700 retweets on Twitter and thanks to that action he has been able to move from page 3 to the first page in just 2 days. Is this only due to social networks? Actually no, it’s a mixture of social networks more linkbuilding, but there is no doubt that social traffic is a great trigger of visibility in search engines.

In this way we go into a field that we could call Social Seo, and it is nothing else than using traffic derived from social networks to show Google peaks of interest from our audience towards the keyword we want to position. 

There are very valuable sites among webmasters like Forobeta or Publisuites from which you can buy accounts on social networks or make yours bigger. Now yes, be sure to find buyers with good ratings, since many times this type of social actions are easily manipulated, and we are not interested in inflated accounts of unreal followers with tools like AddmeFast, since that will not improve our Seo by not deriving traffic.