Seo guide: seo on-page for newbies

To speak of SEO is to speak of positioning in search engines, to improve positions in the lists of results of search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.
SEO On-Page is called the part of the optimization that takes place within the website, which is in your hand, in such a way that Google easily understands your website.

Why is SEO important?
When we bet on an online strategy through the creation of a website, what we really want is to enter a world accessible to millions of users who constantly search for information, products, services, entertainment, etc.

And we not only want to be there, but we want them to find us:

The real challenge is web positioning and the creation of a strategy so that your products and services are adequately represented to specific visitors.

If a website can be easily found by search engines, the amount of specific traffic it receives will increase, in order to maximize sales and other business opportunities.

Positioning your website means that it is VISIBLE, get the best ranking for your potential customers to find you first. Help them find you through the main search engines, directories and sites related to their activity.

Steps to follow for a good basic SEO
These tips are aimed at those who do not have technical knowledge, but who can perform actions on your website to improve SEO

Clearly define the search terms for which we want to be found
Since we decided to have a website, we must be clear about the purpose of our website and at each step we take, the terms we want to find us for.

But eye! There are terms with a lot of competition in which it will be almost impossible to position yourself, normally these terms are very general. To solve this problem, I recommend you use the adwords tool Keyword Planner (Find new keywords) , where you can find information about the search volume of the term you have entered along with other expressions as well as the competence of that word.

How to solve the high competition of keywords? Choose more specific terms

content marketingCreate the content of your website around these basic ideas
You know what you’re saying: so create it around an idea so that both the keywords and their synonyms will help you in positioning

Write for users, do not obsess with SEO and write for robots, in this way you will offer more “edible” content.

title optimizationOptimize the title of your content
The title will be shown in the Google results with some size restrictions: To avoid problems, optimize it to 50-60 characters

But do not forget that your article may be the best in the world, but without a good title no one will open it:

The title should be short and suggestive: it is the first thing you will see

optimization of imagesOptimize the images
It is clear that Google does not enjoy a beautiful image: do not forget that it is a computer program! However, if you read code, it is important that both the name of the image file and the so – called ” alt-image ” contain the keywords.

mobile siteMobile site
Google now gives a lot of importance to your website is adapted to mobile devices

optimize site speed
Site speed
Do not lose upload speed on your website, it is important for both Google and your users.

One of the factors that can help you gain speed is to optimize the size of the images: if you are not an expert you can use online tools to “reduce” the weight as Kraken

Check the speed of your site with this google tool

With these simple tips you can optimize the SEO of your website even if you do not have any technical knowledge: have you tried them?