The SEO Introduction Guide for beginners

SEO or web positioning is a concept in Digital Marketing that was born in the 90s with the emergence of Google in the online landscape. Web positioning is the tendency of brands to appear in the top positions of Google's ranking of results for certain organic searches. This post about SEO for Beginners, is aimed at those who are starting in this world and wonder what is web positioning, what are the techniques to position, or what are the best online SEO tools necessary to get a good position in the results search…continue reading →
SEO for beginners: The keys to achieving good positioning Google

SEO for beginners: The keys to achieving good positioning Google

Positioning or SEO is one of the biggest traffic generators (visitors or potential customers) of a website or a blog. To achieve the good positioning of your website (be on the first page of results) I present the strategies that Google considers key to "qualify" your blog or website and position it. What is SEO or Google positioning and why is it important? As we saw in my previous article, SEO refers to the web positioning of a blog or a website as a result of the search of information of Internet users…continue reading →

SEO – Basic Concepts

SEO for beginners For a web page to be successful, it is essential that potential customers can easily find it on the web, especially when visitors access it through search engines such as Google. Bringing a website to the highest positions in the results of the main search engines, involves using SEO tools, acronyms that correspond to Search Engine Optimization. We have compiled the basic concepts and the most common terms when talking about SEO optimization of web pages. What is SEO? For some years, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the main branches…continue reading →

SEO and SEM search engine positioning and marketing strategies

In almost any media planning for a business, SEO and SEM strategies are fundamental. SEO and SEM positioning and search marketing strategies . SEM and SEO are essential in digital marketing strategies for search engine positioning . At least one of them must be accommodated if our product or service is sought and we want to be found. Therefore, they are not exclusive but complementary. Both strategies must be used. SEO benefits from the traffic that is generated in a SEM campaign. And this, improves your results by an optimized SEO onpage that allows a higher level of quality. The ideal is to work…continue reading →

Updates of search algorithms and the future of SEO

One of the biggest disappointments for anyone who has written or said "SEO has died" is that it has not done so in so many years and probably never will. What it has done, however, is to transform itself, to evolve to adapt to the behavior of consumers and the advances and technological needs of search engines. The adaptation of traditional search engines. Only in recent years have we seen major changes in search engines such as: Universal search Custom search Instant search / real time Self-completed Voice search The search engines have done…continue reading →

Search Engine Optimization from A to Z

SEO from A to Z Web positioning is a complex issue. The list of disciplines and strategies is as long as the terms that are used and, as a beginner, it is difficult to know for sure what is meant by words like link power, SERP (search engine result pages) or backlinks ( external links). Therefore, in this guide we offer detailed information on the most relevant terms on search engine positioning. Panda Update The update of Google Panda was carried out in 2011. This included a permanent modification of Google's algorithm for positioning on the…continue reading →

SEO tips for beginners

In the present article we are going to establish a series of basic guidelines when working with the Seo positioning of a page from 0, since many times we start to build a site taking into account factors such as design and web usability , but it is quite common neglect aspects purely related to the positioning that can make long term that our page start much slower. list_altTable of contents SEO advice number 1: brand or keyword domain SEO advice number 2: create search-oriented content SEO advice number 3: controlled link building actions SEO…continue reading →


  During the last few years you have probably heard or have ever read the word SEO, which has led you to search its meaning on the web on more than one occasion, finding an endless amount of information that has always left you overwhelmed with just a few minutes of search. In this article the main keys for SEO 1. SEO, a new world to explore I understand that entering this world is not an easy task, especially if you are a beginner who does not have the knowledge to understand what SEO…continue reading →