SEO for Blog: the Basic Guide for Beginner Bloggers.

Learning SEO for blog is much simpler than it seems. That's why, in today's post, I share with you the fundamentals so that anyone can get into SEO in the simplest way possible . I assure you that if I could understand the fundamental principles of SEO, then you can too.🙂 Throughout this article I will explain the structure of SEO, and a series of shortcuts, so you can make simple changes FROM your site, blog and content. We have also developed "SEO for beginners Part 2" , so that once you finish…continue reading →

SEO tips for beginners – 2019 update

Search engine positioning is essential for your site to have possibilities and achieve its objectives. The Internet world is based on well thought out strategies that adjust to the changing conditions that Google and the rest of search engines make. Taking into account that 9 out of 10 experiences in the network start using these search engines, if you want to start a new web project it is essential that you know how to act to improve your page for SEO. And, despite the fact that there are those who insist on burying…continue reading →