5 simple but effective SEO tips for beginners

For the uninitiated, SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it is a set of techniques that you can -and should- apply so that search engines are able to locate your website and show it to those users to those who may be useful. If you need to use special techniques to help your website appear at the top of Google search, you need to do SEO, but not just anybody, but good SEO. Google needs to consider a variety of factors to help users find the most relevant pages for their searches. Do…continue reading →

Tips for SEO beginners

The following article offers some tips to learn more about SEO positioning taking into account: HTML code, site architecture, content quality and relevant link exchange strategies. When we speak of SEO positioning, we involve many elements that directly or indirectly influence the process and help the success or not of it, such as: HTML code , site architecture, content quality and relevant link exchange strategies . It must be taken into account that the main objective of any SEO is to achieve a visible site for electronic search engines without losing sight of…continue reading →