SEO – Basic Concepts

SEO for beginners For a web page to be successful, it is essential that potential customers can easily find it on the web, especially when visitors access it through search engines such as Google. Bringing a website to the highest positions in the results of the main search engines, involves using SEO tools, acronyms that correspond to Search Engine Optimization. We have compiled the basic concepts and the most common terms when talking about SEO optimization of web pages. What is SEO? For some years, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the main branches…continue reading →

SEO and SEM search engine positioning and marketing strategies

In almost any media planning for a business, SEO and SEM strategies are fundamental. SEO and SEM positioning and search marketing strategies . SEM and SEO are essential in digital marketing strategies for search engine positioning . At least one of them must be accommodated if our product or service is sought and we want to be found. Therefore, they are not exclusive but complementary. Both strategies must be used. SEO benefits from the traffic that is generated in a SEM campaign. And this, improves your results by an optimized SEO onpage that allows a higher level of quality. The ideal is to work…continue reading →