Updates of search algorithms and the future of SEO

One of the biggest disappointments for anyone who has written or said "SEO has died" is that it has not done so in so many years and probably never will. What it has done, however, is to transform itself, to evolve to adapt to the behavior of consumers and the advances and technological needs of search engines. The adaptation of traditional search engines. Only in recent years have we seen major changes in search engines such as: Universal search Custom search Instant search / real time Self-completed Voice search The search engines have done…continue reading →

Search Engine Optimization from A to Z

SEO from A to Z Web positioning is a complex issue. The list of disciplines and strategies is as long as the terms that are used and, as a beginner, it is difficult to know for sure what is meant by words like link power, SERP (search engine result pages) or backlinks ( external links). Therefore, in this guide we offer detailed information on the most relevant terms on search engine positioning. Panda Update The update of Google Panda was carried out in 2011. This included a permanent modification of Google's algorithm for positioning on the…continue reading →