6. How long does it take to work SEO?
One of the big mistakes of SEO for newbies is to believe that it is instant oatmeal. Like everything in this life: the level of effort required depends on the size of your goal. If you are a local company and you already have previous content work, you may want to get presence in the searches of your community; Getting it may take a few days or a few weeks, depending on factors such as the authority of your site, the selection of keywords or the level of competence.

If, on the other hand, you have a new site that is interested in positioning at a national level, it can take several months to achieve it.

It is important to remember that an efficient SEO job contemplates a great amount of variables that go from the structure of the site to the user experience. The selection of keywords and the constant updating of the content play a fundamental role in this process.

To jump the level of SEO for beginners, there are tools that can pave the way in terms of searching for keywords that you can position. SEMrush is one of them.

Example of the 3rd of Porter’s strategies. SEMrush

7. How do I know if SEO works?
SEO works. At least the well done SEO works. The issue is that, going back to SEO mistakes for beginners: no, it’s not instant oatmeal. Also, the only guarantee is that if you do not, your digital content efforts are wasted.

Nothing and nobody can guarantee the first result of Google in an organic way, not even the first page. What is certain is that without SEO your content is destined to disappear in the most remote corner of the web, before you finish creating it.

The first step in knowing if SEO is working for your brand is to establish clear objectives. These can be among others:

Increase website traffic
Find potential customers
Conversions (which may vary according to your business model)
Direct sells
Once the objective is established, you must set appropriate metrics to determine the progress. Remember that according to the size of your goal, SEO can produce results in the short or long term; It usually takes time and in some cases it can take a year or more. Do not despair.

If your goal is, for example, to increase traffic to your website, Google Analytics is the measurement tool par excellence. The first indicator will be the growth of visits by organic searches.

SEO for newbies SEO for newbies

The Google webmaster console is also a good option.

8. Do social networks matter for SEO?
Some experts will say that it does not influence SEO at all; However, there is at least one direct benefit of social networks about it.

As mentioned previously, the user experience influences the authority of a site in front of the search engines. Shared content can often be seen by other journalists or bloggers who can link to the original article; which certainly has an impact on the level of authority.

Of course it is virtually impossible to determine what content will go viral to such an extent that multiple sites begin to share it. Although it is a particularly common phenomenon in audiovisual content.

At the same time, sharing content on social networks helps bring some additional traffic to our site, and if the user experiences a pleasant experience in it, it is very likely that Google will detect it as a success. Again, a positive impact on the level of authority.

Relationship of social networks with SEO

9. What are the links and what are they for?
Each time you get closer and closer to the end of these SEO lessons for newbies. By the time you finish you may not be an expert, but you will be ready to integrate the basic principles into your website and look at the results.

One of the ways in which Google determines the authority of a website is through references. That is, when another site points to the information of the first, it gives a guarantee of trustworthy and relevant.

A link is defined as:

… an HTML object that allows you to jump to a new location when you click or touch it. Links are found on almost all web pages and provide a simple means of navigating between web pages.

A website can have internal and external links. The interns provide Google with an idea of ​​the structure of the site; they tell you that the content is related to each other. Since that element can enrich the user’s experience, it is a point in favor of positioning.

External links, on the other hand, lead to a different site and work as a validation against the search engine.

One of the many practices aimed at improving our search engine positioning takes advantage of this type of links. It is linkbuilding , a tactic that consists of actively looking for links from other sites to your web page.

10. What are the most popular tools for SEO?
There are dozens of tools available on the net that can help you improve your SEO for beginners to become an expert. Some of the most common are Moz , Ahrefs and the aforementioned, SEM Rush , they are all paid, but they help you in tasks ranging from the analysis of your competence, to the selection of keywords and measurement of results.